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Simplay lets you play any game in
beautiful graphics, on any pc


Your Personal
Cloud Gaming PC

Simplay is a new type of gaming PC.
It lives in the cloud, and streams any game to any Windows device - in real time and ultra low latency.

Play the games you love

Play the games you own, or easily buy new ones from any digital download platform


Blizzard App

EA Origins

Discover new adventures.

Enjoy the games you could never run before. Play the newest games as soon as they're launched.

Feels local, runs anything

Top graphic settings

Learn to accept top graphic settings as your new standard for any game

Ultra low latency

Experience smooth streaming in ultra low latency. Games feel as if they were running locally.

Up to 60 FPS

Simplay's virtual gaming PC packs some serious horse power, to allow you to enjoy games to the fullest

Plans that fit your style

Play freely, with no hour cap.
Choose a plan that fits the games you play.